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  1. PURCHASE A SALE of all kinds of steel waste, non-ferrous metal, paper and hazardous waste.

  2. SORTING OUT each kind of metal waste by the help of Sigmatest and Spektrometr

  3. PROCESSING of metal waste by cutting, pressing, incineration and plasma arc cutting according to customers´ and suppliers´ requests.

  4. WEIGHING not only on car digital bridge balance but also on other precize weighing machines (in Kostěnice premise)

  5. DISASSEMBLY AND LIQUIDATION of various machinery and technological units, including liquidation of constructions, etc.

  6. ROAD TRANSPORT either by trucks which are equipped with container system or by platform car with wagon sheet which are fitted with hydraulic arm. We have modern trucks such as AVIA (3,5t), RENAULT (5t) and DAF (7 – 22t).

  7. PLACEMENT of various containers in companies, scrap yards, warehouses, etc. Also posibility of addition of mobile warehouse for hazardous waste.

  8. Complete TAKEOVER OF WASTE MANAGEMENT including risk acceptance and related documentation.

  9. SELLING of paper goods and other products – favourable prices.